Image via Dior

We already know that this fashion house has the industry’s eyes peeled, but they are constantly pushing their limits and changing the status quo for the luxury-streetwear game. The Dior B23 sneaker has been a jaw-dropping silhouette in the industry so far, and it’s about to get even more creative! Christian Dior have just announced that a customising service is available for these B23’s. The brand has recently released 13 brass charms for you to add to your shoes, and give them a bit of extra Dior flair!

However, we are sad to say they have only been released for Dior Men’s, so our fingers are crossed for them to be released soon for the women, and maybe with a bit of extra oomph, but for now why not delve into the Dior Men’s department and get your B23 sneaks jazzed up. The charms are available in silver, gold and matte black and include the text logo, an oblique motif, as well as the iconic ‘CD’ lock. All charms have the function of hanging or weaving, so you can have them hanging off the side and creating that jingle as you strut along or woven through your laces just to add elegance and elevate your outfits this summer.

This industry is all about expressing your personal style, so the ability to change the way something looks by the slightest change, is highly sought after.

Head over to the Dior website to learn more about this new fashion statement.