The Air Force 1 that changes colour under sunlight

Air Force 1 GIF

The future is here with a fresh technology from Nike, shown off on Jeff Staple’s Instagram at Shanghai’s Nike House of Innovation. We’re liking what could be coming soon from the Swoosh brand.

Debuted on a pair of white Air Force 1‘s as well as on a t-shirt, this technology turns the OG white silhouette yellow and pink towards the heel, including the Swoosh detail, while the t-shirt comes to life with hidden written detail on the back that turns pink under the UV light.

Nike Air Force 1 Low Sage

Of course, the Sun being a huge UV source, this technology will be affected by it. So you won’t have to bring out a torch with you, but watch the sneakers change colour from day to night and shade to sunshine.

There’s no confirmation that these products will be hitting the Nike stores yet, but stay tuned to The Sole Womens where we’ll be keeping you in the loop to potentially pick up these UV-sensitive products!


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Peep my Lightsaber! 🔦 Havin’ fun at the @Nike House of Innovation again in #Shanghai!

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Published May 20, 2019