A styling guide for the Nike M2k Tekno and interview with Emi Talaga

The Nike M2K Tekno was released last week and instantly sold out. This chunky sneaker seems to tick all of the boxes for the dad shoe trend and it’s easy to see why they were all purchased so quickly. Released in three colour ways: black and white, white on white and pink and white, this sneaker covered all bases for people’s wants and needs.

We worked with fashion student and small business owner Emi Talaga to create a styling guide for the Black Nike M2K Tekno. By collaborating ours and Emi’s style, we formed three looks to go with this chunky shoe. The 90’s vibes that this sneaker gives off called for a mix of camo trousers, branded tee’s and tighter gym wear, emphasizing the size of the heavy natured sneaker.

Check out the outfits below along with our exclusive interview, speaking to Emi about her style, her favourite sneakers and her plans to start up her own fashion brand in the near future.

What got you into fashion and sneakers?

I’ve always loved fashion from a young age, but I didn’t properly get a chance to find my own personal style until I started wearing my own clothes to college and university. I have always leaned towards wearing boy-ish clothing, particularly branded sweatshirts and t-shirts. The rise of Instagram as a platform for influencing the way people dress, mostly streetwear, has definitely influenced my own personal style. Once I started buying oversized t-shirts I found that that was all I was wearing! I want to be comfortable in an outfit but still make it look clean and simple. My go-to choice would definitely be an oversized t-shirt with some cool trainers and bottoms. I like to add a girly touch to my fits by wearing pastel colours, delicate jewellery or even having nice make-up!

What are your top 5 sneakers and why? 

Nike Tuned 1 are definitely a favourite in my collection. I have a thing for chunky trainers.

Nike Air Max 90 (all black or all white!).

Reebok Classic white with gum sole.

These are a basic but I have a pair of Velcro Stan Smith’s and they’re so cute. Some people think that they’re boring but I love the kids school shoe vibe they give off!

Balenciaga Triple S White, but the Bronx Baisley sneakers or Nike M2K’s are some peng dupes which I would also definitely cop!

What is your favourite sneaker collaboration?

Roundel x NikeLAB Air Zoom Spiridon. Although I don’t own a pair myself, I think the concept behind the collaboration is really interesting. The typography used on the trainers is influenced by the typography used for the TFL tube map. Cool right? In 2016 (100 years after the initial type was introduced) they updated the font for the collaboration with Nike.

What do you do at university and how do you feel that this will translate into life after university, what are your plans?

I study Fashion BA at Leeds Arts University, specialising in Fashion Communication. My course is varied, allowing us to study many aspects of fashion: design, making, pattern cutting, branding, photography, styling, editorial work and more. This benefits me hugely as I am able to explore many elements of the Fashion industry whilst finding out what I’m good at! As a Communications student, I particularly enjoy the branding and editorial elements of my course. I enjoy setting up photoshoots to best promote my outfits on my website. Social media and the internet are great platforms to promote yourself as a brand, allowing people to recognise you for your own style and work! After university I would love to use my skills in fashion branding and advertising, whether this will be illustrating for brands or making artistic advertisements for them! I’d love to work for some of my favourite brands like Stüssy, Champion, Urban Outfitters, Polar or Motel Rocks (to name a few!). However, being a full-time blogger would also be amazing.

3 Ways To Style Your Nike M2K Tekno Sneakers

Tell us about your custom clothing, how did you get into it and how do you hope it will evolve?

In the Christmas holidays of 2016, I was working in retail as a Christmas Temp. I had worked there before but was getting really fed up of it. I wanted to do something that I enjoyed and would benefit me and my future plans. I’d been using Depop for a year, selling some of my unwanted clothes during my gap year to make money. After gaining 10k followers, I had a good platform for myself as a shop. I’d seen some girls making their own clothing and selling them and I wanted to give it a go! I wasn’t the best at sewing but I decided to use some of my Christmas wages on a sewing machine and a few meters of fabric. Although this was a risk, it was also a potential investment. From there, my shop took off and I’ve been lucky to make and sell little festival/party tops ever since. It’s been a huge learning curve for me and a great way to make money alongside my university studies. I’ve learnt that I definitely want to use my knowledge of owning a small business and designing clothing to create my own t-shirt brand in the future!


Follow Emi on Instagram @emitalaga and Depop @etalaga to keep up with her design and modelling!

Check out her blog for more work: www.emitalaga.wordpress.com