Last week, Queen Rih Rih herself launched one of the year’s most anticipated beauty collections: Fenty Skin. A sister brand to her world-renowned Fenty Beauty makeup line, the skincare range is made up of only three products for now, but Instagram has gone crazy for every single one.

Inspired by the classic cleanse, tone and moisturise technique, the current product range includes the Tonal Cleans’r Remove-It-All Cleanser, the Hydra Vizor Invisible Moisturiser Broad Spectrum SPF30 Sunscreen (which comes in refillable packaging btw! Snaps Rih) and a Fat Water Pore-Refining Toner Serum. The packaging comes in pastel purple and the formulas are designed for every skin type.

It’s fairly tricky to get your hands on the Fenty Skin range if you’re in the UK due to the hefty customs fee from the US shipping – but we hope it’ll launch in Boots soon alongside the Fenty Beauty collection!

But the real question is, what does Instagram think?

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Fenty Skin recently dropped with much noise in the skincare community. Lots of ads claiming they loved it, lots of people who had not even tried it giving very strong opinions and me watching like 👁👄👁. First, the aesthetic is on point for the Fat Water. What a gorgeous bottle of bubbles. (It’s actually a gel to liquid texture) It makes me *want* to put it on my face. Although, I already knew this product wasn’t for me. It seemed to be marketed on launch date as a hydrating toner for all, but with much backlash, @fentyskin quickly corrected the verbiage on their Insta page the next day. Now claiming it appropriate for oily skin. Well… obviously. I’ll repeat what has been said again- this is a water-based toner with witch hazel as the second ingredient. It’s clearly for oily skin. However- I have dry to normal skin and in the summer, I switch to water-based products like this to help keep my face from melting. Don’t let skincare “rules” deter you from exploring your skincare needs as the weather changes. I could neva use this in the middle of winter, but right now? She kinda nice. Okay- next controversy. Fragrance. I Am okay fragrance. That is my choice. I am not sensitive. The fragrance is almost the last ingredient, and most people will not be bothered by this. (Again, personal preference) With that being said, I hope brands stop adding fragrance as there’s really no reason for it, imo. This product also has niacinamide which helps support the skin barrier, improve pore size and help balance oil production. This is my least favorite product from the launch, but I plan on covering the other products soon. Final thoughts? Read reviews, make smart purchases. Don’t let product fomo get to you. ✌🏻 *gifted

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