Right now, it feels like summer is officially over and autumn has stepped in to play, which means weekends are becoming less about pub gardens and more about Netflix and a takeaway pizza. But, you know as well as we do, scrolling through Netflix or those on-demand channels is a right bore and often just ends in disappointment. So, luckily for you, we’ve rounded up five must-watch shows and movies that you can sink your teeth into this weekend.

1: Des – Streaming on ITV Player

The true-crime show that everyone is talking about right now, Des explores the story of notorious serial killer Dennis Nilsen. David Tennant takes centre stage and gives a stunning performance, portraying Nilsen’s cold, calculated persona perfectly. This is a three-part series and each episode is around an hour long and – I won’t lie to you – I watched it in one sitting because it’s just that good.

2: Jack Whitehall Travels With My Father – Streaming on Netflix

A little comic relief during the absolute joke that is 2020, Jack Whitehall’s Travels With My Father sees the comedian take his dad around the world. It’s kind of like “An Idiot Abroad” but instead of Karl Pilkington, it’s a rich old man that hates everything.

3: Prodigal Son – Streaming on Sky One

Another true crime bonanza, Prodigal Son is basically about an FBI profiler whose dad is a serial killer and he’s scared he’s going to turn out like him. It’s full of flashbacks, murder mysteries and family fall outs. Watch this with a glass of red – you’ll need it.

4: Enola Holmes – Streaming on Netflix

Reason number one to watch this: Henry Cavill. Reason number two to watch this: Henry. Cavill. Enola Holmes is an empowering take on the classic Sherlock Holmes story, but instead of big Sher, the story focuses on his lesser-known little sister, Enola, who takes things into her own hands.

5: Criminal – Streaming on Netflix

Set entirely in an interrogation room, Criminal is one of the most unique shows you’ll ever watch. Each episode follows a different case and the accused criminal’s story slowly unfolds before your eyes. There are a lot of monologues as well as some very clever acting and amazing cameos.